No more dogs!

I took my first yoga class last night and loved it! However, by the end of the class I swore that if I heard “Upward Dog” or “Downward Dog” one more time I was going to scream! Enough with the dogs already.

But seriously, even though I was sweaty, gross and my legs were shaking I was so glad I had gone. I’ve wanted to try yoga for a long time- it’s also one of my 101 in 1001 goals- but have never had the confidence to go. I was scared I would look stupid (I did) or be too out of shape and weak to do some of the things (I was) and laugh at inappropriate times (I did) but I felt too good afterwards to care. On another positive note I don’t feel like so much of a poser when I wear my Lululemon pants-they are the most comfy things ever!

My mom has been going to this class for about a month now and I figured if she can do it so can I! And my 45 year old mom definitely kicked my butt. She was able to do the plow and touch her feet to the ground meanwhile I couldn’t even get into the shoulder stand that you need to do before you can even put your feet behind your head. It was a sad moment in my life but I was super proud of my mom and so wished it would have been appropriate to whip out my iPhone and take a picture of her.

I can’t wait for the next class. I do want to do some yoga at home every day so if anyone has good suggestions of online videos, podcasts and especially some good yoga blogs let me know!

I want to be able to teach my students some yoga in Phys Ed (photo by Heidelknips)


I love the idea of doing Yoga outside (you know once my poses look more like this)
Last two phots from  Lululemon’s Flickr

Boys who do yoga are sexy! (photo by Ingorrr)
Which is why I’m going to convince mine to do some!

And maybe some couples yoga. How awesome would that be?
(photo: thelastminute)

ps. if you try and search yoga on weheartit you end up with a lot of photos of naked yoga…not so cool.


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  1. I love doing yoga!! I haven’t done it in years, but I’m hoping to enroll in a class this summer.

    PS! I nominated you for a beautiful blogger award! If you haven’t already recieved one, and would like to accept, you can see the post here:

    Have a happy day! jenn

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