Art Journaling #4

Now that it’s the weekend I’ve finally found some time to catch up on my art journaling.

When reading the prompt “I want more than anything…” I had a million thoughts going through my mind. I want to be a great wife and mother. I want to be the kind of teacher that people remember for years. I want to be more creative. I want to be good at so many things. Reflecting on all my “wants” I saw that the only thing common in them is that they all require change of one kind or another. Constant changing, growing and learning in how I act and think. Bringing change to the lives of my students and possible to the education system itself (yes I have big dreams!). I have to actively pursue new skills in my creativity and therefore change myself. Woah, that got pretty deep but I just wanted to explain the “positive change” more as it encompasses so much.

*our PVR just shut itself off for no apparent reason!?!?!?! if our recordings are gone I’m not going to be happy!*

I have loved reading everyone’s “I wants”. Some of my favourites were:  “a polaroid camera”, “living without fear” and “to live outside myself”. You could probably make some sort of inspirational book with all the amazing thoughts that came out of this prompt. I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes…

*update: the PVR is fine. Phew!*

I love the picture in the corner. It came from an amazing bundle of flashcards and other goodies I found thrifting this week. Pictures of all of them and a couple other sweet finds coming soon!

The simplicity of this page was great. I sort of wish I had used a ruler and done straight lines though.


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