Thrift Store Finds!

I personally don’t feel the thrift stores in my city are too great. We have a severe lackage of vintage stores for a city of this size. However, I live in a place that seems to have the overall mentality of “newer, bigger, better!” when it comes to EVERYTHING! So when I do find something good in a thrift store here I feel like its a major accomplishment.

For part of our date night last week my man took me to two thrift stores and I found some awesome things.

Like two Pyrex casserole dishes.

The awesome map stickers were in a bag with a few other junky things but luckily they were at the front! Totally worth the three bucks.

I also found a children’s picture dictionary from 1975 for 99 cents. I plan on using the words and pictures in my art journaling.

The red and green canvas was a couple bucks. I have some big plans for this stuff!

A great light blue plastic embroidery hoop for 69 cents.

I had one more book I got for a friend. Overall I spent about $19 which I think its pretty good for everything I found.

Can’t wait to hit up some different stores and try out some garage sales this summer!



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New Season…

Here are my second set of pages from the art journaling class.

I experimented with watercolours for the first time which was a lot of fun. I bought a palette of the dry watercolours (does that even make sense?!?!) to play around with and am pretty excited for those.
I  didn’t take art in high school  mostly because I lacked confidence in my artistic abilities. While I can’t say they are great now I’m having a lot of fun trying out new things. So thankful I’m taking the Art Journaling Class and getting the chance to experiment and see new ideas.

I love using Sharpies on top of the paint.

The middle of my flower accidentally ended up looking like the Earth.
It’s hard to see but I wrote “Saved Paradise” lyrics around the flower.

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Amazing Giveaway

I just found a great blog through the Art Journaling Class from RVA.

Ashley from A Catalog of Enchantments is giving away some great vintage ephemera (dictionary definition: items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, esp. pamphlets, notices, tickets, etc. my definition: freaking cool vintage paper stuffs. I didn’t even know it had a name until last week!). I’m especially in love with the flashcards.

All you have to do is comment on this post to be entered into the giveaway.

Also check out the rest of her blog as its pretty darn great! Anyone who carries that many books around campus in a laundry basket for a photo shoot makes it into my book of awesome!

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I am in LOVE with my new watercolours. Best 4 dollars I ever spent! I’m pretty sure these are low quality and most likely meant for children but I’m having so much fun.

Swooshing the paintbrush over the paper, mixing colours, its just so free feeling! I may have even caught myself ever so slightly sticking my tongue out from between my lips just like a little kid concentrating. I’m not confirming if that’s true…

I am impatient though. I’m using Sharpie to draw on top of my painting and I keep trying to draw before the paint is dry. Immediate satisfaction is very appealing for me which is why I always half finish projects and give up too easily. But I’m working to change that since I get even more satisfaction from actually finishing something.

Well I think my paint is dry enough to start drawing again so I’m back to the art journal.

images found via weheartit

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On my way out..

I’ve got a few minutes before I have to go out so I thought I’d do a quick post. I’m making my wedding invitations today with the help of my mom and my two bridesmaids. I’ll be happy to have that done and out of the way with!

I didn’t get a chance to work on my art journal yesterday and I feel like I’m going through withdrawl. I won’t be able to do any til later tonight but I’m going to set aside a good hour or two hopefully.

I have a few  posts coming your way later today or tomorrow. They involve thrift stores, art journal pages and a new project I’m working on 🙂

Hope your Friday is sunnier than mine!

Sneak peek at my newest art journal page!

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Paint and Strawberries

I finished my first two journal pages tonight however I didn’t managed to get pictures before the sun went down and there is practically no light in our apartment at night. Here are some pictures but I’ll probably retake them tomorrow when/if there is sun.

Here’s the pictures I do have:

I won’t be posting every page on here but I was really proud of my very first art journal pages and had to share.

I also washed, cut up and containerized/froze 6 pounds of strawberries… yummy!

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Blank page…

I’ve had this blog for some time but have yet to start it. You know when you have a blank page and are scared to mess it up by adding something to it? Well that’s how I feel about this blog!
I signed up for the Tell Your Story class from Elsie and Rachel so I figured now was as good as time as any to make that first post and hopefully not mess up the blank canvas of this blog.

I haven’t started my art journal yet as I am finishing up my finals but I hope to start it today in between studying. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can.

Studying for my Elementary Music exam…lets just say I’m glad that class is done!
And yes, yes that is a recorder. That’s what an Education student pays $600/class to learn…

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